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Everybody Has a Name

Has a name.
Some are different,
Some the same.
Some are short,
Some are long.
All are right,
None are wrong.
My name is ________________.
It's special to me.
It's exactly who
I want to be!

We have been doing lots of activities with students' names.
Students designed their large poster board names and using these
we clapped the syllables in the names and talked about the vowels
singing the vowel song:
(tune: Bingo)
Their was an alphabet that had some letters and
these are the vowels ~a, e, i, o, u ~a, e, i, o, u ~a, e, i, o, u ~
and these are the vowels.
This is where I point out that sometimes "Y" acts like a vowel!

We read the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and did a flower activity.
Students followed the steps below:

1. They traced over their name written on a yellow construction paper circle.
2. They counted the number of letters in their name and glued that number of petals around the yellow circle.
3. Each student clapped the syllables in their name and got that number of craft sticks (popsicle size) for the stem.
4. Students got the number of leaves for the vowels in their name and glued on their stem.

It is best if you hot glue the sticks together before students glue their leaves on the stem.

All sizes of names are needed for a beautiful flower box!

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