An Autumn Day
Pumpkins in the cornfield,
Gold among the brown,
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down;
Birds that travel southward,
Lovely time to play;
Nothing is as pleasant 
As an autumn day!

-Carmen Lagos Signes

From September to December,
What's the season? Fall!
Red leaves start to Fall!
Brown leaves start to Fall!
Gold leaves start to Fall!
Orange leaves start to Fall!
Yellow leaves start to Fall!
After all, it's Fall!
~Meish Goldish

Autumn Wind
When autumn wind goes running
It does some magic things.
It gives the shadows dancing shoes,
It gives the bright leaves wings -
When autumn wind goes running.

It curls the bonfire's tail of smoke
And shares a little whispered joke
With cornstalks who delight to prattle,
It turns a seed pod into a rattle -
When autumn wind goes running.

In Autumn
They're coming down in showers,
The leaves all gold and red;
They're covering the little flowers,
And tucking them in bed
They've spread a fairy carpet
All up and down the street;
And when we skip along to school,
they rustle 'neath our feet

by Winifred C. Marshall

We Rake the Leaves
We rake the leaves
And pile them high!
Then we jump in,
My dog and I!

Leaves Are Floating
Leaves are floating
softly down;
Some are red and
some are brown.
The wind goes "swish"
through the air;
When you look back,
there are no leaves there.

The Leaves
The leaves had a wonderful frolic.
They danced to the wind's loud song.
They whirled, and they floated, and scampered.
They circled and flew along.
The moon saw the little leaves dancing.
Each looked like a small brown bird.
The man in the moon smiled and listened,
And this is the song he heard.
The North Wind is calling, is calling,
And we must whirl round and round,
And then, when our dancing is ended,
We'll make a warm quilt for the ground.

Our Favorite Fall Books

Finding Leaves
It's fall again,
The season when
The trees are
Dropping leaves again.
It's fun to find
Each different kind
And learn the way
Leaves are designed.

~Vivian Gouled

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