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Music is the foundation for any lower elementary classroom. Music is a wonderful way to get students excited about learning. So, turn up your CD and start singing and dancing!!


Below are music websites with great ideas, sing alongs, or CD's you can buy.
Dr. Jean
My personal favorites:
"Kiss Your Brain" & "The Beat Goes On!"
Between the Lions:
Songs PBS Kids
Kiddy Song Corner
The Music Room
NIEHS Sing-Along
Greg & Steve
Charlotte Diamond

Click on the links below for downloadable kids music midis for your website!
Kids Music Room
Superdudes Midi Collection for Kids
Music for Kids from Mom's Place
Kid Midi from Wilstar
Kids Tunes
Kid's Midis
Midis for Kids
Enchante's Kiddie Karousel
The Bell's Kids Midis
Disney Midis
Free Kids Music
Listen to these or download on a CD.
Super upbeat songs!

Laura's Midi Heaven/Kids Songs

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