We are using Investigations in Number, Data, and Space
in K-5 in our school district.

Quote from the book:
"The goal of this progam is to help all students learn mathematics and to develop flexibility and confidence in approaching problems, fluency in using mathematical skills and tools to solve problems, and proficiency in solving problems and number operations."

We have found that in our first grade there is not enough time to do all of the units in the time that our students are in school. As a first grade team across the district we have decided what things to include and which ones are not as important at the first grade level. We have also added extra math to supplement areas we thought were needed.

One of the best features of the Investigations math is its games. They can be modified to best suit the needs of students. There are take home pages, so that students can also play these games at home after they have played them many times in the classroom. The games can then be added to choice time or center time.

One of the favorite games is "Double Compare". Students have a deck of cards and turn over two at the same time. They have to add the two cards together and the one with the highest sum says, "Me". I make the kids accountable in knowing the sum by having them tell their partner their answer. There are lots of variations to this game that the kids can play to make it easier or more challenging.

Below are the units that we do in First Grade:

Mathematical Thinking

Building Number Sense

Survey Questions and Secret Rules

Quilt Squares and Block Towns

Number Games and Story Problems

Bigger, Taller, Heavier, Smaller

Students will start out the year exploring manipulatives. They will learn how to work independently, and cooperatively in pairs and in small groups. They learn how to move around the room in a mannerly way getting their materials for choice time. There are lots of different ways to set this up in your classroom. I like doing a rotation of centers and students move from one to the next after a timer goes off.

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