Love is a Circle
Love is a circle,
Round and round,
Love goes up,
And love comes down,
Love is on the inside,
Trying to get out,
Love is whirling and twirling about!

Making Valentines
In February, what shall I do?
I'll make some valentines for you.
The first will have a cupid's face;
The second will be trimmed with lace.
The third will have some roses pink;
The fourth will have a verse in ink.
The fifth will have a ribbon bow;
The sixth will glisten like the snow.
The seventh will have some lines I drew;
The eighth, some flowers--just a few.
The ninth will have three little birds;
The tenth will have three little words:
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A Valentine for My Teacher
My teacher's very special
so I'm making her a heart,
a valentine that's sure to be
a proper work of art.

I've worked on it all morning
so it should be ready soon,
I'd like to slip it on her desk
before this afternoon.

It's colored in with crayons
and it's trimmed with paper lace,
it has flowers, hearts, and cupids--
I can't wait to see her face.

To My Valentine
If apples were pears
And peaches were plums,
And the rose had a different name--
If tigers were bears,
And fingers were thumbs,
I'd love you just the same!

Valentine's Day
Little red hearts
Are meant to say
I'm thinking of you
On Valentine's Day

I'd like to be with you
To talk and to play.
We're all special friends
On Valentine's Day.

For My Valentine
I drew a picture
Full of hearts,
Nicely colored
And then I wrote
A little verse,
And this is
What it said:
“You’re such a
Special friend of mine,
I want you
For my valentine.”
~Leland B. Jacobs

A Valentine for My Friend
When you and I are holding hands,
I’m happy as a lark.
When you and I are holding hands,
I’m braver in the dark.
When you and I are holding hands,
I feel so strong and clever.
Please be my best-friend valentine
And hold my hand forever.
~Eileen Spinelli


Skidamarink a dink a dink,
Skidamarink a doo,
I love you.
(Repeat the 3 lines.)
I love you in the morning and in the afternoon.
I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.
Oh, Skidamarink a dink,
a dink,
Skidamarink a doo,
I love you!

The Love Bug

It begins with a grin (smile broadly)
It turns to a giggle (put both hands on mouth and giggle)
You start to laugh (throw head back and laugh out loud)
Your legs start to wiggle (put feet in the air and shake)
You look all around for someone to hug (move eyes back and forth)
You've caught the love bug! (hug another child or yourself)
~ Author Unknown

I'm a Little Valentine
( Tune: I'm a Little Teapot )

I'm a little valentine
Red and white,
With ribbons and lace
I'm a beautiful sight.
I can say "I love you,"
On Valentine's Day.
Just put me in an envelope
And give me away!
Vicki Claybrook

Valentines, valentines
Red, white and blue
I'll make a nice one
And send it to you.

Five Big Valentines

Five big valentines from the corner drug store
I mailed one to a friend - then there were four
Four big valentines, lovely ones to see
I mailed one to my Mommy - then there were three
Three big valentines - red, shiny, and new
I mailed one to my Daddy - then there were two
Two big valentines, the best is yet to come
I mailed one to Grandma - Then there was one
One big valentine, the giving is almost done
I mailed it to Grandpa - and now there is none

Tune: Bingo

To show you like your special friends,
Just give them each a heart.
H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T,H-E-A-R-T,
Each heart says I like you!

To each and every friend of mine
I'll send a lovely valentine.
Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, too.
Will receive a heart that says,
"I love you."

Valentine's Day
If I could be the postman
For just one single time,
I'd choose to carry Valentines
So lovely and so fine.
I would not mind the heavy load,
Or mind my tired feet.
If I could scatter happiness
All up and down the street.

Five Pretty Valentines
Five pretty valentines
With lace galore,
I gave one to ___________,
And then there were four.
Four pretty valentines
So lovely to see,
I gave one to ____________,
And then there were three.
Three pretty valentines,
Just made for you,
I gave one to ___________,
And then there were two.
Two pretty valentines
Having so much fun,
I gave one to ___________,
And then there was one.
One pretty valentine
Waiting for someone,
I gave it to ___________,
And then there were none.

Valentine Candy Colors
(tune: Miss Mary Mack)

I need a clue, clue, clue.
Do you like blue, blue, blue?
Which color candy, candy, candy
Tastes best to you, you, you?

Miss Jackie Jell-O, Jell-O, Jell-O,
She likes the yellow, yellow, yellow.

Mr. Sammy Sight, Sight, Sight,
He likes the white, white, white.

Miss Linda Link, Link, Link,
She likes the pink, pink, pink.

Mr. Benny Borange, Borange, Borange,
He likes the orange, orange, orange.

I need a clue, clue, clue.
Do you like blue, blue, blue?
Which color candy, candy, candy
Tastes best to you, you, you?
~Author Unknown

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