Summer is here!

I love summer! Summer is hot.
It's sun and shade
It's water to wade
It's frogs and bugs.
It's grass for rugs.
It's eating outside.
It's a tree~swing ride.
It's tomatoes and corn.
It's dew in the morn.
It's dogs and boys.
And lots of noise.
It's a hot sunny sky.
It's summer. That's why…
I love summer!

The summer sun in the sky,
Shining, shining up so high
Makes it warm for outside fun.
To play at the park and run,
To swim and hike and fish,
And to go on a picnic if you wish.

My Dad
I'm as lucky as can be
I have the best dad for me!
He is always fun to talk to
We have neat things to do!
I'm as lucky as can be
I have the best dad for me!

Let's Play Ball!

Dear Dad,
For Father's Day I wanted to give you something special.
So here it goes, now don't be surprised and don't peek...
you get to play with me for weeks and weeks.

You can teach me how to play catch, run really fast or swim like fishes.
It would be great if I could give you tons of wishes!
Just read to me, and talk to me and make me laugh.
We can have lots of adventures, but I may need a nap.

So dad, thanks for everything. I like all the good times we've had.
I love you're my one and only dad!

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day
On Father's Day I try to see
How happy I can make Dad be.
I try to be just extra good,
And do each small thing as I should.

I'm extra helpful, thoughtful, too,
And quick to see things I should do.
Then Dad grins, happy as can be
As he sits there and watches me.

So, I think it would be fun
To make each day a happy one--
Have Father's Day not once a year,
But every day to hold it dear!

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