I have made the following Readers' Theater scripts.
Many of these are poems or fact pages that go along
with the themes on my themes page.
Please click on the flowerpot to visit my Readers' Theater page.

Crossing the Street
Rules Rap
The Giving Farm
Food from Farm Animals
The Swarm of Bees
Five Little Firefighters
911 Rap
Five Black Bats
Finding Leaves
We're All Part of a Family
All in a Word

Now December's Here
Who Makes Christmas Fun?
Christmas Alphabet
Santa Claus
Gingerbread Parade
Homemade Gingerbread
I've Got Five Senses
Hibernating Animals
January Alphabet
Facts About Penguins
Polar Bear Facts
Let's Build a Snowman
Five Big Valentines

Frog Facts
Listen to the Frog
Spider Facts
Count~Down for Spring

Butterfly Facts
How Do ANTS Know?